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Have you ever thought about getting locks that don't require keys? Developed with Bream Bay customers in mind, the E-LOK is a state-of-the-art digital lock that goes above and beyond conventional security measures. Combining the greatest aspects of digital locks and electronic access management, this cutting-edge system is both small and smart.

The E-LOK's exceptional user management capabilities are its defining feature. Adding or removing users is a breeze with the E-LOK, giving you complete freedom and convenience. The E-LOK gives you complete control over who may enter your space. It can be operated with a secure PIN, phone, or swipe-card, and all of this is controlled through an easy-to-use app that works with both iOS and Android devices.

The E-LOK's time-controlled user access is its main feature, making it ideal for scenarios like AirBnB and remote-access situations. You may precisely regulate who enters your place and when by programming a PIN number to only work during certain times or on designated dates, for example. Designed to meet the ever-changing needs of contemporary life, this feature enhances safety and ease.

When you need a dependable partner for all of your digital lock needs in Bream Bay, think about Bream Bay Locksmiths. We are dedicated to offering innovative and customized digital locking solutions for our valued customers, and the E-LOK is a monument to that. Trust us to deliver the state-of-the-art security solutions you need. The E-LOK is your key to smart, adaptable access control, opening a whole new world of security.

Robust Digital Solutions, Intelligent Security

The E-LOK system is incredibly adaptable and works flawlessly with the majority of Bream Bay, New Zealand's door types, including aluminum and timber. Stainless steel mortice locks in 30,35,40,45, or 60 mm in diameter are only one example of the many installation possibilities, long-term durability, and security features that contribute to this product's versatility.

Curiously, a lot of people have found that the GATEWAY WiFi module, which is an optional accessory, isn't actually required to get their E-LOK online. Using Bluetooth alone, the gadget works flawlessly.

If you would like more information or are thinking about getting an E-LOK for your house or company, Bream Bay Locksmiths is the digital locksmith service to go. Call us today!


Frequently Asked Questions

What types of electronic lock systems can Bream Bay Locksmiths install in Whangarei?

Some of the many types of electronic locks that Bream Bay Locksmiths installs professionally are keyless entry, smart, fingerprint, and card access systems. If you have a home or business in Bream Bay, we can help you pick the best Elec.Some of the many types of electronic locks that Bream Bay Locksmiths installs professionally are keyless entry, smart, fingerprint, and card access systems. We can help you pick the best smart lock system for your Bream Bay home or business.c-lock method.

Does Bream Bay Locksmiths offer assistance if my smart lock stops working?

Simply put, yes. A quick response from Bream Bay Locksmiths is available if you are locked out of your building because the smart lock isn't working. Do not worry—our skilled staff is ready to quickly and accurately locate and fix any problems with electronic locks, giving you back entry right away.

What does Bream Bay Locksmiths do to make sure that electronic lock solutions are safe?

To make sure that electronic lock systems are safe, Bream Bay Locksmiths uses high-quality parts that can't be changed and makes sure that they are installed and maintained correctly. We also offer repair services to make sure that your electronic lock systems are always in great shape, and we can help you decide which systems will best meet your security needs.

I have a standard lock system. Can Bream Bay Locksmiths change it to an electronic one?

Bream Bay Locksmiths can change your old mechanical lock system to a new smart one. They will look at your present setup and give you advice on the best electronic locking solution. They will also take care of the whole installation process to use the newest technology to make your home safer.

In Whangarei, can Bream Bay Locksmiths put automatic locks on doors with a low profile?

Bream Bay Locksmiths is more than qualified to put smart locks on low-profile doors in Whangarei. Since we've worked on these doors a lot, we can install electronic locks without hurting their structural stability or aesthetic appeal. We carefully check each door to find the best electronic lock system and then install it in a way that is safe and easy. Bream Bay Locksmiths can make sure you have the electronic locking system your low-profile door needs, whether it's a small digital lock, a skinny card reader, or something else..


When you need emergency lockout services in Bream Bay, all you have to do is give us a call. Any time you have an emergency with locks or keys, we are here to help.